The completion of the project of dynamic study identifying technical conditions of the Baltic States’ synchronization with the system of the Continental Europe


eng_cef_cofinancing.pngOn 22 June 2018 4 Transmission System Operators (TSOs) from Poland and Baltic States (PSE, Litgrid, AST and Elering) and contractor - IEN Gdansk (Institute of Power Engineering, Gdansk Division) have approved the Final Report of the ‘Dynamic study identifying technical conditions of the Baltic States’ synchronization with the system of the Continental Europe’ by signing Certificate of Acceptance. Along with the signatures the works within the project have been completed.

Completion of the study is a step closer in submitting application to Regional Group Continental Europe of European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (RGCE ENTSO-E) for extension of the Continental Europe Synchronous Area.

The aim of the study was to perform dynamic analyses investigating, in terms of dynamic phenomena (so called transient and small signal stability), power systems operating conditions and potential threats resulting from the extension of the system of Continental Europe for the Baltic States’ system. The outcomes of the study have shown feasibility of extension for all analyzed scenarios under certain conditions.

All foreseen deliverables arrived in accordance to the schedule specified in the Scope of Work of the service contract, signed in January 2018 between 4TSOs and IEN Gdansk.

The final outcome of the study was presented and was the subject of the discussion and decisions during BEMIP HLG (Baltic Energy Market Interconnection Plan High Level Group) meetings organized on 23 and 29 of May as well as on 6 of June 2018. These BEMIP HLG meetings (workshops) gathered the representatives of the European Commission, Ministries, TSOs as well as ENTSO-E.

The study has been granted a co-financing from the European Union funds of Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) on the grounds of the Grant Agreement no INEA/CEF/ENER/M2017/1511169 signed in Sofia in April 2018 by 4 TSOs and Innovation Network and Executive Agency (INEA).

The project was conducted on the basis of the Cooperation Agreement signed by above 4TSOs in December 2017.

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