Shareholder and Shareholders' Meeting


The owner of all AST shares is the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Latvia (100%). The Cabinet of Ministers exercises the competence of AST’s Shareholder. Th shareholder implements the governance of AST together with the Shareholders' Meeting, the Board and the Supervisory Board within the competence specified in the Law on Governance of Capital Shares of a Public Person and Capital Companies. The representative of the State’s share makes decisions within the competence of the AST Shareholders’ Meeting.

The Cabinet of Ministers takes decisions within the competence of the AST Shareholder on the acquisition, continuation and termination of the state in AST, on the need to acquire or terminate the participation and decisive influence, as well as on granting permission to the subsidiaries and dependent companies of AST to acquire participation in another company.

Shareholders' Meeting


During the Shareholders’ Meeting, the interests of the shareholder of AST are represented by the State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance or another official of the Ministry appointed by the order of the State Secretary, who has all the rights, duties and responsibilities of the shareholder’s representative provided by the law.

The AST Shareholders’ Meeting makes decisions within the competence specified in the Governance Law.

The internal regulations issued by the Ministry of Finance determine the procedure by which the Ministry of Finance organises the governance of state capital shares in order to ensure a coordinated and predictable governance system of state capital shares and cooperation between the Ministry of Finance as the holder of state capital shares and capital companies.  

The decisions of the shareholders' meeting are available in the Latvian version of this section.