Technical Expertise Department (TED) of JSC Augstsprieguma tīkls provides services in the areas of diagnostics and expertise of technical condition and operational values of electric safety devices, power systems and electrical equipment as well as in the area of testing environmental parameters as an independent third party institution.

The TED has been accredited by the National Accreditation Bureau of Latvia (LATAK) in accordance with the requirements of the standard LVS EN ISO/IEC 17020 as the class-C inspection institution (LATAK-I-248) and LVS EN ISO/IEC 17025 as a testing laboratory (LATAK-T-166), which acknowledges the conformity of TED with international standards and the quality of services provided. Updated scope of accreditation is available from the TED upon request or on the LATAK website.

The TED employs highly qualified staff (experts, senior high voltage equipment engineers, high voltage equipment engineers, senior electrical equipment engineers, electrical equipment engineers, electrical equipment technicians, electricians, measurement equipment/machinery engineers, control device and measuring tool mechanics, chemical engineers, chemical technicians and laboratory assistants) constantly improving their skills and knowledge both in Latvia and abroad. Within their competence, the TED experts are able to provide independent and objective expert examination conclusions about the technical condition of and operational requirements for the object in question.

In its inspection and testing activities, the TED applies national and international standards, Electric Standards of Latvia (LEK), procedures developed by the TED and, in the regulated area, complies with the requirements set forth in the Cabinet Regulations and uses measurement equipment and devices of globally renowned producers.

Upon applying for the above services, the customers must complete the required service application form and send it to the e-mail address [email protected]

Security requirements must be provided for when working in electric installations in accordance with the 8 October 2013 Cabinet Regulation No. 1041 “Regulations on Mandatory Applicable Energy Standard Determining Organisational and Technical Security Requirements for the Operation of Electricity Supply Objects”.

Principal directions of activities of the TED: testing, diagnostics, inspection, expert examination and research in the following areas of operation:

+Diagnostics and expertise of technical condition and characteristic values of power systems, electrical equipment and other objects
  • voltage quality, short circuit current, induced voltage and touching voltage;
  • vibrations of the rotational mechanisms and building structures;
  • electric and magnetic field;
  • portable hand held power-tools;
  • thermographic diagnostics of electrical equipment, heating installations, buildings and industrial objects;
  • grounding equipment, insulation resistivity of electrical installations, grounding equipment grounding cable continuity and grounding installation resistivity;
  • power transformers, high voltage measuring transformers and primary equipment;
  • single-phase short circuit current (phase-zero loop) and other electrical installations and electrical equipment.

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+Environmental parameter testing
  • noise in premises, outside the premises and in the working environment;
  • lighting, ambient climate;
  • environment vibrations.

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+Physical, physical and chemical and gas-chromatographic testing of insulating oil
  • break-through voltage, ignition temperature, water content and humidity evaluation, acid number, acid and alkali content, purity class/mechanical contaminants, dielectric losses;
  • gases dissolved in oil and other parameters.

Oil samples must be delivered to the TED Chemical Laboratory at Krustpils iela 15 building 5, Riga, during visiting hours from 8:30 to 16:00, to 15:00 on Fridays, break from 12:00 to 13:00 (telephone number for information 67725638 or 67725438)

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+Testing and expertise of electrical safety devices
  • dielectric protective means (such as dielectric gloves, dielectric footwear);
  • tools for working under voltage (such as voltage indicators, portable grounding, insulating pliers, cable damage indicators, hand held tools) and other electrical safety devices.

Electrical safety devices intended for testing in an appropriate set, clean and with legible marking, must be delivered to the TED at Dārzciema iela 86, Riga, 1st floor (telephone number for information 67728673).



Technical Expertise Department of JSC Augstsprieguma tīkls

Diagnostics and expertise of technical condition and operational values of electric safety devices, power systems and electrical equipment as well as in the area of testing environmental parameters

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