Responsible business

As a responsible entrepreneur, AST has developed its Code of Ethics, Whistleblowing Procedure, Fraud and Corruption Risk Management Rules, Procurement Policy and Privacy Policy.

+ Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics of AST determines standards and principles, governing the behaviour of employees and determining the standards for self-assessment and the assessment of others. The Code is an essential part of work organisation; it defines the minimum requirements for performance and behaviour at the place of work and outside, that are necessary to establish and maintain interpersonal relationships, as well as that affect work performance and public attitude towards AST.


+ Whistleblowing

Whistleblowing is the possibility to promote legitimate, honest, open and transparent activities of organisations in the public and private sectors by using their right to freedom of expression. The Whistleblowing Law helps inhabitants of Latvia to prevent violations before harm is caused to the public interest, at the same time protecting whistleblowers from adverse consequences. 


+ Management of the risks of fraud, corruption and conflicts of interest

Management of the risks of fraud, corruption and conflict of interest in AST is performed in accordance with Cabinet Regulation No. 630 of 17 October 2017 “Regulations Regarding the Basic Requirements for an Internal Control System for the Prevention of Corruption and Conflict of Interest in an Institution of a Public Person” and Fraud and Corruption Risk Management Regulations No. NOP-1-024 introduced in the company.


+ Procurement policy

The purpose of the Procurement Policy of AST is to establish common basic principles on how AST performs the procurement of goods, services or construction works.


+ Privacy Policy

This privacy statement explains how AST processes Personal Data, the procedures for exercising the data subject's rights and issues related to the protection of Personal Data. AST's privacy statement applies to the processing of all kinds of Personal Data by AST.