Connections to the transmission grid

As an electricity transmission system operator (TSO), AS Augstsprieguma tīkls has a permanent obligation, subject to the scope and term of its licence, to ensure the network members have the necessary connections to the transmission system or the necessary changes to the permitted capacity of the existing connection consistently with the regulations issued by the Public Utility Regulatory Commission (the Regulators).

The regulations issued by the Regulator:

The users of the electricity transmission system are required to comply with Commission Regulation (EU) No. 2016/1388 of 17 August 2016 on establishing a network code on demand connection.

Electricity producers must comply with the requirements of the Commission Regulation (EU) of 14 April 2016 establishing a network code on requirements for the grid connection of generators.

Under the procedure prescribed by the Cabinet, the end-user has the right to submit an application for special connection to the transmission system or for increasing the connection capacity of the existing transmission system if after the installation of the connection the user’s electricity consumption will increase by at least 100,000 megawatt hours per year or with a nominal capacity of the connection of at least 50 megawatts. Cabinet Regulation No. 476 “Regulation on Special Connection to the Electricity Transmission System”

Steps to install connections

The processes of the permitted capacity changes shall match connection installation processes.

+1. The system’s User/Producer application

Prior to the preparation of the application, the User or the Producer must evaluate the place of connection, considering the budgeted capacity in the long term as well as electricity costs, considering the connection tariff (rate). The Users or Producers with a capacity of up to 10MVA mainly choose to install connections to the electricity distribution system, whereas a higher capacity connection can be budgeted for the electricity transmission system.

Prior to the preparation of the application we encourage you to discuss the possible connection solutions. Please email: regarding your preferred timing of the meeting with the company's specialists concerning the installation of the connection



+2. AST’s technical specifications

The technical specifications shall be issued to Users and Producers within 30 and 60 days of the date of receipt of their application, respectively.

If the development of the technical specifications is complex and takes longer to prepare it or if the user has failed to provide all the necessary information to the system operator, the system operator shall notify the system user/Producer in writing about the deadline for issuing the technical specifications.

+3. Entering into the agreement

The agreement is a document entered into between the TSO and the User or the Producer, which describes the responsibilities and accountability of the TSO, the User or the Producer; specifies who will arrange the procurement procedure, initiate construction, what the payment terms are, as well as describes many other connection related matters to be mutually resolved (such as the land development right, equipment specifications, etc.).

+4. AST’s technical design engagement

After entering into the agreement, the TSO shall develop the technical design engagement for the technical design works of the TSO’s part of the connection.

+5. Procurement procedures

All the necessary procurement procedures shall be carried out in accordance with the concluded agreement. Where the User or the Producer chooses the designer, the supplier of the equipment, and the construction company for the TSO’s part, the technical specifications and the documentation supporting the qualifications of the persons engaged in carrying out the said works (the qualification requirements, assessment, etc.), shall be agreed upon with the TSO.

+6. Entering into the contract for the connection

The contract for the connection shall be entered into after completing all procurement procedures subject that all the costs are known.

+7. Entering into contracts with the winners of tenders

Contracts with the winners of procurement procedures (for the TPO’s part), regardless of who carried out the procurement procedure, shall be entered into by the TSO.

+8. Technical designing, supplying of equipment and construction

The designing and construction of the connection shall be carried out under the concluded contracts.


After completing the construction or reconstruction works, all necessary inspections shall be carried out, and having passed them successfully, the object is accepted into service.


After completing the construction or reconstruction works, all the necessary inspections and tests shall be carried out consistently with the issued technical specifications and the Network Code.

The acceptance of the connection shall take place in accordance with the "Regulation of the System Connection for Electricity Producers".

+9. Entering into the system service contract


The system service contract shall be entered into before connecting the object to the electricity transmission system for the test period.


The acceptance of the connection shall take place in accordance with the "Regulation of the System Connection for Electricity Producers".

The system service contract shall be entered into before commencing inspections and tests.