Supervisory Council of Conexus elects the Head of Inčukalns UGS Dimiņš in the Management Board of Conexus


Supervisory Council of the Joint Stock Company “Conexus Baltic Grid” (“Conexus”), in the meeting of 27 December, 2023, made a decision to elect the current Head of Inčukalns Underground Gas Station (UGS) Rinalds Dimiņš in the Management Board of Joint Stock Company “Conexus Baltic Grid” from January 1, 2024 for a five-year term.

The open competition for the position of the Member of the Management Board (Technical Direktor) was organized by the Nomination Commission composed of the Chairman of Conexus’ Supervisory Council Ilmārs Šņucins and Member of the Supervisory Council Viktors Sentuhovskis with executive search company “Pedersen & Partners” as the consultant.

The call for applications was announced on the 3rd of October, 2023 on the Conexus website and with the deadline – 23rd of October, 2023. Overall, 21 candidates submitted applications for the post of the Member of the Management Board (Chief Technical Officer).

The selection process was organized in five rounds and candidates were evaluated in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation of the Nomination Commission and criteria that was based on the description of the necessary competences, skills and professional experience.

In the first round, the consultant reviewed the documents submitted by the candidates and verified their eligibility, and 16 candidates were shortlisted for the second round. The second round consisted of interviews with the candidates organized by the consultant. 8 candidates were shortlisted.

In the third round, the Nomination Commission conducted in-depth, semi-structured interviews with the candidates in English, the candidates also prepared a presentation from the perspective of the Chief Technical Officer according to the task given by the Nomination Commission. 2 candidates were shortlisted.

The fourth round consisted of testing the candidates by means of analytical and personality tests (HOGAN), verification of the references. After summarising the results, the Nomination Commission decided to submit for review at the meeting of Conexus Supervisory Council information on both candidates for the final decision.

In the fifth round of the competition, the Conexus’ Supervisory Council assessed the information submitted by the Nomination Commission and decided to elect to the Conexus’ Management Board for a five-year term from January 1, 2024 the current Head of Inčukalns UGS R. Dimiņš.

About Conexus:

Conexus manages one of the most modern natural gas storage facilities in Europe - Inčukalns Underground Gas Storage, which is an important strategic object in the whole Baltic Sea region. It provides the energy security and independence of the whole region. The modern natural gas transmission system, which is 1190 km long and directly connects the Latvian natural gas market with Lithuania and Estonia. To ensure efficient supply and delivery of natural gas to traders, Conexus carries out maintenance and improvement of the transmission system and storage infrastructure, implements the necessary investments in infrastructure development, monitors and controls the transmission network and storage stability, as well as prevents damage. At the same time, Conexus is responsible for the reservation and sale of the system and storage capacities, as well as the application of uniform tariffs for the use of the Latvian gas transmission system and storage. The largest shareholder in Conexus is the state-owned Augstsprieguma tīkls (68.46%), while 29.06% is held by MM Capital Infrastructure Fund, a fund managed by the Japanese company Marubeni, and 2.48% by other shareholders.