Public consultation on the development of energy certificate system in Latvia


To ensure the development of a well thought out and efficient energy certificate system in Latvia, the Latvian electricity transmission system operator AS Augstsprieguma tikls (hereinafter - AST), invites interested parties to express their views on the draft documents that will form the base of the system in Latvia.

The handling and trade of energy certificates in the single European market is made possible by the Association of Issuing Bodies (hereinafter - AIB), a voluntary association of European certification bodies. AIB operates under the European Energy Certificate System (hereinafter - EECS), which already includes 32 European Member States and maintains the infrastructure and information ensuring that the origin of electricity is made public throughout the European Union.

In Latvia, the Cabinet in accordance with EECS requirements has authorized Latvian transmission system operator (AST) to manage the guarantee of origin, providing it in Section 29.2 of the Electricity Market law, which will be in force on 1. December 2020.

To ensure the fulfillment of imposed obligation, AST has created a document "Domain Protocol" (hereinafter - the Protocol) on which the guarantee of origin will be managed in Latvia. The Protocol states the involvement and operating principles of all parties involved (power plant owners and their authorized representatives, system operators, auditors, state aid providers).

To manage the guarantees of origin a register will be used, which is only accessible to authorized account holders. An account holder can be any legal or private person who has successfully completed the account registration process. One of the preconditions to access the register is signing of "Standard Terms and Conditions" agreement.

Currently, due to the ongoing AST draft document discussion among AIB members, all documents are in English, but once approved, the documents will also be available in Latvian.

Please note that AST is entitled to charge a fee to reimburse the costs related to the guarantee of origin issuance, based on Section 29.2 of the Electricity Market Law, which also provides for the development of an appropriate methodology.

In the public consultation AST seeks interested party views on the following key document:

  • Protocol draft;
  • Cost methodology draft;
  • Standard Terms and Conditions agreement draft.

Considering the limited time, the public consultation will take place from 10. September to 23. September. Please submit Your comments by filling the provided questionnaire and address it to