The high-voltage power line has been rebuilt into a cable version in Salaspils, the first poles for the new line "Riga CHP-2 – Riga HPP" have been raised


en_cef__.pngContinuing the work on the implementation of the project "330 kV Power Transmission Line Riga CHP-2 - Riga HPP", the high-voltage power line in Salaspils was rebuilt into the cable version, and the first poles were raised.

"The new power transmission line is planned to be 13 km long from Riga CHP-2 to Riga HPP; however, it is going along the route of the existing 330 kV line in separate sections. In the territory of Salaspils, the new line from the railway crossing to the roundabout at the Riga HPP reservoir (length of more than 2 km) will be implemented in cables," says Arnis Staltmanis, a member of the board of AS Augstsprieguma tīkls (AST).

Simultaneously with the construction of the new line, the line from Riga CHP-2 to Salaspils substation is being rebuilt, which, in the centre of Salaspils, starting from the railway crossing up to Gaismas Street (length of 1.5 km), will be realised by cables. The dismantling of the rebuilt 330 kV line poles that were built in the 1960s is planned to be commenced in April, thus improving the urban environment.

There are 28 poles planned in total, 25 of which have the foundations built, five have been assembled, and the first pole has been raised. The work is performed by SIA Energoremonts Rīga on behalf of AST.

The new line is an important reinforcement of the Latvian internal power network to ensure the full functionality of the Third Estonia - Latvia interconnection, not only under normal circumstances, but especially in emergency and repair modes. At the regional level, this reinforcement of the network will play an important role in increasing the North-South capacity in the Baltic region. It is expected that all reconstruction works will be completed in 2020.

When constructing new or reconstructing existing substations and power transmission lines, AST complies with all the requirements specified in Latvian legislation and European Union recommendations, so that the environment does not suffer and the health of the population is not endangered due to electromagnetic field radiation.

The radiation of the magnetic field in the immediate vicinity of the high-voltage power line is in the range of 25 to 30 microteslas (µT), but it tends to move towards zero at the border of the power line protection zone. The permitted level in Latvia and most of the world is 100 µT or 3-4 times higher than detected in AST lines in most situations.

It is the same when it comes to the electric field - only in rare situations does the maximum load of the indicators tend to move towards the permissible limit value (5000 volts per metre (V/m)) when under the power lines, but the level is usually lower and outside the protection zone; these values are insignificant and/or within the permitted limits.

The project "330 kV Power Transmission Line Riga CHP-2 - Riga HPP" has received co-financing of EUR 9.9 million from the Connecting Europe Facility. The project has been granted the status of an object of national interest, as well as it is included in the Power Transmission System Development Plan of Latvia, as well as in the European ENTSO-E ten-year development plan.

Line map (pdf)