Baltic TSOs have prepared Baltic balancing roadmap


JSC "Augstsprieguma tīkls" together with other Baltic transmission system operators (TSOs) operate in a common model for balancing of power systems of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania as of 18 January 2018. To ensure this, the common Baltic coordinated balancing area (Baltic CoBA) was introduced and with it a common Baltic balancing market for exchange of balancing energy (in a form of frequency restoration reserves with manual activation (mFRR)) was established. In the coming years significant Baltic balancing model changes are foreseen to make it compliant with the requirements of European regulations and to ensure the Baltic TSOs compliancy with the rules and agreements of the Continental European Synchronous Area (CESA) after the synchronization with the networks of CESA.

The changes will cover all areas of the Baltic balancing model. Stakeholders shall be involved in public consultations and consecutive discussions throughout the process of development of all relevant documents and methodologies.

The main amendments in the Baltic balancing model are:

  • Changes in Baltic mFRR balancing energy market to integrate it with the European mFRR balancing energy platform MARI;
  • Introduction of frequency restoration reserves with an automatic activation (aFRR) to promote the balancing energy market integration with the European aFRR balancing energy platform PICASSO;
  • Changes in Baltic imbalance settlement in respect to the changes in the balancing markets and transition to 15-minute imbalance settlement period;
  • Introduction of the Baltic load and frequency control block;
  • Introduction of the Baltic balancing capacity market.

JSC "Augstsprieguma tīkls" together with other Baltic TSOs have commonly prepared the Baltic balancing roadmap to inform stakeholders about the expected changes in the Baltic balancing model and about the estimated time frame, which is indicative and depends on the decisions in the Baltic TSOs and in the Baltic national regulatory authorities.  

JSC "Augstsprieguma tīkls" together with other Baltic TSOs plans to publish draft rules of the Baltic load and frequency control block reserves qualification by the end of this year. The Baltic balancing capacity reserve procurement proposal is to be published and put out for public consultation during the first half of the next year.

All three Baltic TSOs work closely together to implement the changes in the Baltic balancing model, involving relevant stakeholders in the public consultation. List of other relevant documents published on the AST website so far can be viewed here: