Baltic TSOs have commonly developed Baltic Transparency Dashboard


Latvian transmission system operator (TSO) AS "Augstsprieguma tīkls" together with other Baltic TSOs – Lithuanian "Litgrid" and Estonian "Elering" have developed a common Baltic market transparency solution named the "Baltic Transparency Dashboard" (BTD). The official go-live of the BTD is the 2nd of June, 2021.

The existing solution "Baltic CoBA Balancing Dashboard" will be replaced with the new and improved Baltic transparency platform. In order to soothe the transition to the new platform, the existing solution will remain operable until the 15th of August, 2021, after which, publication of data on the "Baltic CoBA Balancing Dashboard" will cease, and the site will be retired.

The new platform enables Baltic TSOs to not only comply with transparency requirements set in Baltic balancing market rules, but also to supplement the available information with new reports, views, and possibilities to combine different data sets. The platform enables TSOs to commonly tackle the transparency needs and requirements with a more modern and flexible solution that would allow adaptation to changes related to the transparency field in a quicker and more cost-efficient manner. In the development process, new data sets were added which were previously only available on the ENTSO-E transparency platform, for example, mFRR standard product and ER mFRR product activation volumes and Baltic ER mFRR product prices.

Historical data from the previous platform was migrated, ensuring continuous availability of past data for market participants.

New Baltic transparency solution was developed whilst keeping in mind the necessity to be ready for changes relating to the change of length of imbalance settlement period in alignment with the integration of Baltic Balancing market with European mFRR balancing platform MARI and planned imbalance settlement period transition from 60 minutes to 15 minutes, which is planned by the start of 2025.

The new Baltic Transparency Dashboard ensures end users with the familiar core functionalities including data display in form of tables and graphs, data export directly from the platform as well as using application programming interface (API). The functionality of the solution ensures end-users with a modern and ergonomic graphical user interface, while staying similar to the platform they have become used to, however there are several noticeable additions and improvements that allow downloading several reports at the same time, choosing time period of the data set using previously defined time periods or a specific user-defined period more conveniently than before, and also changing the time zone of the data set. Two additional sections are available at the BTD, a message board, where information including but not limited to the maintenance periods of the site will be published as well as a news outlet, where Baltic TSOs will publish common announcements related to news and changes in Baltic TSO transparency data publication.

Link to the Baltic Transparency Dashboard: