Baltic balancing roadmap update


As of January 2018, JSC "Augstsprieguma tīkls" alongside the other Baltic transmission system operators (TSOs) operate in a common model for balancing of power systems of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. To ensure this, the common Baltic coordinated balancing area (Baltic CoBA) was introduced and with it a common Baltic balancing market for exchange of balancing energy in a form of frequency restoration reserves with manual activation (mFRR) was established. In the coming years significant changes to the Baltic balancing model are foreseen to make it compliant with the requirements of European regulations and to ensure the Baltic TSOs compliancy with the rules and agreements of the Continental European Synchronous Area (CESA) after the synchronization with the networks of CESA.

In October 2021, JSC "Augstsprieguma tīkls" together with the other Baltic TSOs published Baltic Balancing Roadmap to inform stakeholders about the expected changes in the Baltic balancing model and planned developments. To keep stakeholders informed about the latest changes in the planned development the Baltic Balancing roadmap was updated in October 2022. With this update Baltic TSOs intend to provide up-to-date and supplemented information and timeline. Main changes since previous update include:

  • Information on the planned joining time of the Baltic TSOs to the Balancing platforms and implementation time of Baltic balancing capacity market has been updated.
  • Information on the transition of the electricity market (Day-Ahead and Intraday) to the 15-minute market period alongside with 15-minute imbalance settlement implementation plan in the Baltics has been updated;
  • Data on the forecasted volumes of each type of reserves and the time when they are planned to start being provided has been updated. Additionally, the information on the use of TSO resources has been supplemented with a more detailed explanation.

The roadmap is accessible using the following link: Baltic balancing roadmap update