Development, implementation and maintenance of Baltic Balancing Capacity Market Information System

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Invitation to consultation with suppliers on Baltic Balancing Capacity Market Information System

Baltic transmission system operators – AS Augstprieguma tīkls, Litgrid AB and Elering AS (hereinafter – Baltic TSOs) in accordance with Section 22, Paragraph Two of the Law on Procurement of Public Service Providers are organizing a consultation with suppliers regarding the planned procurement procedure "Development, implementation and maintenance of Baltic Balancing Capacity Market Information System" (identification No. AST2023/153).

The subject of the procurement is development, implementation and maintenance services of the Baltic Balancing Capacity Market (hereinafter – BBCM) Information System. The Baltic Balancing Capacity Market Information System will calculate the amount of required reserves and perform procurement using the procurement optimization function.

Before launching the procurement procedure AS Augstsprieguma Tīkls on behalf of Baltic TSOs organizes consultations with the suppliers with an intent to prepare the procurement and inform the suppliers of the procurement plan and requirements.

To apply for participation in the consultation please send an e-mail by 24/11/2023. 12:00 (UCT +02:00) to e-mail address [email protected].

The time and place of the consultation: on-line via Microsoft Teams meeting on 27/11/2023 from 11:00-13:00 (UCT +02:00).

The main goal of the consultation:

  1. Introduce to procurement procedure;
  2. Introduce to current situation – business challenges;
  3. Introduce to main functionality of BBCM system:
  4. Explain expected implementation approach;
  5. Introduce to the project timeline;

The issues to be discussed:

  1. Questions from the suppliers on the Concept document "Baltic Balancing Capacity Market Information System" (please see Annex 1 and Annex 2);
  2. Questions from the suppliers on the qualification requirements (please see Annex 3);

To promote competition and the possibility for foreign suppliers to participate in the procurement, the consultation on 27/11/2023 will be held in English. At the request of the suppliers, the consultation may also be held in Latvian, by prior agreement on a separate consultation time.

In order to ensure the documentation of the procurement procedure the consultation will be recorded.

After the meeting, suppliers will receive a feedback form (Annex 4) to be filled out with comments on presented matters and provide additional questions if any. Feedback form is expected to be provided by 04/12/2023 12:00  (UCT +02:00). We will highly appreciate your effort in filling it out and sharing your feedback on presented questions. Suppliers can submit form even if they were not able to participate in the meeting dedicated to consultation.

You will receive answers on your questions by 11/12/2023 12:00  (UCT +03:00).

Important dates of consultation:

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