​​​​​​​Competition announced for the positions of Chairman and Member of the Board of AST


The Supervisory Board of AS Augstsprieguma tīkls (AST), an independent electricity transmission system operator, has decided to announce a competition for two positions - the position of the chairman of the board and the position of the board member (development division). Candidates will be selected in several rounds and the application documents can be submitted until January 25 this year.

"Strategic goals of AST include the dynamic development of the capital company, the improvement of its governance and its digital transformation. At the same time, good governance, responsible entrepreneurship and the principles of corporate governance regarding the mandate of board members is aiming to limit the number of re-elections, thus enabling the company to develop through a new vision. In public administration, good practice indicates two terms of office, thus it was decided to start the candidate nomination process for two positions," the chairman of the Supervisory Board of AST Mr. Kaspars Āboliņš elaborates on the decision made by the Supervisory Board of AST.

The candidate selection process will be split into several rounds (four rounds in total) and will include an in-depth assessment of the following competencies of the candidates: strategic vision, management of change, development-oriented leadership, team leadership, building and maintaining positive relationships, decision making and responsibility, results-oriented management. Candidates for the third round of the competition will be asked to prepare a presentation to the nomination committee on the future challenges of AST, providing an insight into the company's key priorities and to provide proposals for their implementation.

In order to ensure an open, fair and professional selection process, the Supervisory Board of AST has established a Nomination Committee consisting of: Chairman of the Committee - Chairman of the Supervisory Board of AST Mr. Kaspars Āboliņš, members of the Nomination Committee - Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board of AST Mrs. Olga Bogdanova, AST Supervisory Board members Mr. Aigars Ģērmanis and Mr. Armands Eberhards, Head of the Corporate Governance Division of the Interdepartmental Coordination Center Mrs. Dzintra Gasūne, Head of Institute for Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility Mrs. Dace Helmane and Mr. Aivars Āboliņš, Chairman of the Latvian Trade Union "Energy".

The selection process is implemented in cooperation with SIA "Executive Search Baltics" (Amrop). The description of the requirements set for the job candidates and the list of documents to be submitted are available on the website of AS Augstsprieguma tīkls at www.ast.lv.

The Supervisory Board of AST has nominated the members of the Board, Mr. Marcis Kaulins and Mr. Gatis Junghans, for the next term. Respectively, Mr. Mārcis Kauliņš has a new term of office until the April 30, 2026 and Mr. Gatis Junghans has a new term of office until April 24, 2026. The term of office for the member of the Board Mr. Imants Zviedris, is also prolonged until December 17, 2024.