Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board of AST represents the interests of the company’s shareholders and monitors the work of its management board.

The Supervisory Board functions on the basis of the Supervisory Board regulations, AST articles of association, the Law on the Governance of Capital Shares of a Public Person and Capital Companies, the Commercial Law, the Ministry of Finance internal regulation ‘Ministry of Finance procedure for organising state-owned share management in state-owned companies’ and other laws and regulations applicable to AST. 

+Kaspars Āboliņš - Chairman of the Supervisory Board
+Dr. oec. Olga Bogdanova - Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board


Term of office: 30.12.2024.

Olga Bogdanova was elected as an independent AST Supervisory Board member in accordance with Cabinet Regulation No. 686 ‘Procedure, according to which Supervisory Board and board member candidates are nominated in companies, in which the state has the right, as a shareholder, to nominate Supervisory Board and board member candidates, namely, state-owned companies that have a Supervisory Board’; since 1 February 2018, she has been employed by the owner of the AST shares, the Latvian Ministry of Finance.

+Armands Eberhards - Member of the Supervisory Board
+Aigars Ģērmanis - Member of the Supervisory Board

AS ‘Augstsprieguma tīkls’ Supervisory Board regulations.

Amended and new version approved at the 24 August 2017 meeting of the AS ‘Augstsprieguma tīkls’ Supervisory Board.