Information Exchange and Balancing service for Traders

The law of the Republic of Latvia „Electricity Market Law” prescribes that participants of the energy market: Transmission System Operator (TSO) and Energy Traders shall execute mutual transactions in accordance with written agreements.

Information Exchange and Balancing services for energy traders are services where TSO provides balance of each energy trader in real time and each energy trader takes financial responsibility in front of TSO for deviations from its balances in each trading interval.

Standard Information Exchange and Balancing agreement

Energy trader via email submits electric energy trade plans for each trading interval for day, month, year to TSO, according to Standard data exchange form.

When signing an agreement to specific energy trader, upon mutual agreement of both sides, certain conditions of the agreement are subject to change.

New energy traders are assigned Energy Identification Code (EIC) for data exchange within the internal energy market upon signingInformation Exchange agreement. More on EIC can be found here.