Connections to Transmission Network

Transmission System Operator within the operation area and term of its licence is constantly obliged to provide necessary connection to transmission system or power increase of existing connected loads for power system participants in accordance to System Connection Rules issued by Regulatory Commission for Public Services for the connection fee defined by methodologies developed by Regulatory Commission for Public Services, if system participant fulfils technical requirements defined by Transmission System Operator.

New system connections (power increase of existing connections) for users and producers of electric energy are established by TSO in accordance to "System connection Rules for participants of electric energy system" and "System Connection Rules for producers of electric energy", issued by Regulatory Commission for Public Services.

End users according to procedure established by the Cabinet of Ministers have rights to apply for special connection to transmission system or for the power increase of already existing connection, if annual increase of power consumption for the said end user after the connection power increase will be not less than 100 000 MWh or if total load of the end user is not less than 50 MW. Cabinet of Ministers defines common rules for special connections prescribing procedures for end user application processing, order of connection construction and necessary guaranties for end user on the utilisation of connection as well as reviews applications by end users for special connection to the transmission system or power increase of existing connection and individually decides on the enforcement of special connection status.

Consumer application for installation of Transmission System connection or capacity increase for existing connection

Consumer application for special connection to the Transmission System

Producer application for connecting Power Station to the Transmission System