Cross-border transmission capacities

Due to launch of ENTSO-E Transparency Platform ( on 5 January 2015, AST stoped duplicating data publishing at AST web page. Previously published information will be accessible in archive for three years (till 01.03.2018). The data of cross-border capacities you also can look at the Nord Pool Spot website (

NTC - Net Transfer Capacity

ATC - Available Transfer Capacity

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* Accepted value of the transfer capacity for interconnections between Latvia, Estonia and Russia are the smallest of the two values published by Latvian and Estonian TSO`s respectively.

I - outage of the Latvian grid element

II - outage of the Estonian grid element

III - outage of the Russian grid element

IV - cross-border element outage between Estonia, Russia and Latvia

V - outage of the Lithuanian grid element

VI - cross-border element outage between Latvia and Lithuania

VII - due to the electric regime reliability condition