Laws of the Republic of Latvia

Energy Law regulates the energy industry as an infrastructure of the economy that covers acquisition, utilisation of energy resources and generation, purchase, conversion, storage, transmission, distribution, supply of various types of energy to the energy users and consumption of energy resources, as well as prescribes the transmission procedures within the energy industry and the principles for the organisation and development of the activity of energy supply merchants.

Electricity Market Law regulates types of the activities to be performed in the electricity market, which shall include production of the electricity, transmission of the electricity, distribution of the electricity, trade of the electricity as a free circulation commodity and provision of the services necessary for the trade thereof. This Law determines the requirements, which the participants of the electricity market and the participants of the electricity system must observe in their activities in the electricity market.

Law on Regulators of Public Services. Aim of the Law is to ensure the possibility of receiving continuous, safe and high-quality public services the tariffs (prices) of which conform to the economically substantiated costs, as well as to promote the development and economically substantiated competition in the regulated sectors, defining the procedure for regulating public services and legal relations in providing public services.

Law on Protection Zones. Aim of the Law is to identify the types of protection zones and its functions, the basic principles of the establishment of protection zones, the maintenance of protection zones and control procedures of its, restrictions of commercial and economic activities in the protection zones.