The Energy Identification Coding Scheme (EIC)

In order to increase the optimized information exchange process between the electricity market participants of EU Member States, the EU established a uniform and efficient electronic data interchange system (EDI). All electricity market participants (producers, traders and consumers) are able to operate in different market areas, therefore transmission system operators (TSOs) have to ensure communication between all electricity markets participants with the electronic data exchange system. The target of energy identification code (EIC) is the same for all EU Member States - to organize the exchange of data in the internal electricity market.

The EIC is unique and safe. The EIC is issued by central or local offices. ENTSO-E has a central office issuing status, but Augstsprieguma tikls AS has received the local issuing office status and therefore Augstsprieguma tikls AS is responsible for EIC issuing for electricity market participants in Latvian territory. Augstsprieguma tikls AS local issuing office code is 43. This means that EIC for all market participants in Latvian territory starts with number 43.

Energy Identification Code (EIC) is valid with respective license or permit. EIC are assigned for fixed object identification (party, area, measurement point, resource objects, line, etc.). The EIC are only the code scheme and is used for electronic data exchange.

The EIC code system

Energy identification code (EIC) system is based on a fixed-length alphanumeric code. The EIC code consists of 16 characters and contains the information about EIC local issuing office and the information about identifiable objects.
Detailed information about the EIC issuing procedure is founded here.

Augstsprieguma tikls AS allocated EIC codes.

Market participants in Latvia who need identification code (EIC) have to fill in a request application form.

Augstsprieguma tikls AS will review the application and will provide an answer during 3 weeks.

More information on the EIC you can receive by contacting us on e-mail