Electricity transmission line Riga CHP-2 – Riga HPP receives status of national interest project

Cabinet of Ministers has assigned the status of National Interest project for electricity transmission line Riga CHP-2 – Riga HPP. As pointed out by the Ministry of Economics of Latvia, assignment of the status of National Interest for certain Project is the way, in which government implements its political will for development of National Energy Policy and meeting its international obligations.

The Riga CHP-2 – Riga HPP project will provide the Estonian-Latvian third interconnection with full functionality during repairs and outages modes within transmission network in Riga region, as well as improve power output into the network for the reconstructed Riga CHP-2 power station. Compared to the initial design, direct interconnection along the new route between Riga CHP-2 and Riga HPP substations will also facilitate Riga CHP-2 emergency start-up option.

Project is to be implemented until year 2020 and it is included in the development plans of Latvian and European electricity transmission systems. 

In February 2017 European Commission decided to co-finance Riga CHP-2 – Riga HPP project with amount of 50% from the Connecting Europe Facility financial instruments.