Full replacement (including transfer capacity increase) of existing 330kV interconnectors between Latvia and Estonia by 2024

Project consists of 330kV lines Tartu (EE) - Valmiera (LV) and Tsirgulina (EE) - Valmiera (LV) and will be developed as one Action. Both investments No 1010 and 1011 are included in ENTSO-E Ten Year Network Developmen Plan 2014 (TYNDP-2014). The 330kV transmission lines Tartu (EE) - Valmiera (LV) and Tsirgulina (EE) - Valmiera (LV) were constructed during 60-ies and 70-ies in Soviet Union time and not suitable standards were applied comparing to present operational requirements, for example transfer capacity difference between summer and winter seasons is preventing correct market functioning. These lines have to be completely replaced by new ones with increased capacity in order to provide much higher transmission capacity in direction North-South within the Baltics. The proposed projects are supported by Latvian and Estonian TSOs and will be included in the national transmission development plan of 2015 in Latvia. In 2015 Public Utilities Commission (PUC) in Latvia will organise public discussions under development plan of transmission power system and on the end of 2015 information will be published on the PUC web page.